Sharing Files Using the imaging group's FTP Server

In lieu of emailing large attachments, the following procedures allow LHRI researchers to upload and share files with others. To upload files to the imaging group's FTP Server, please follow these 5 easy steps:

1) If you have more than one file, it is strongly suggested that you 'zip' (ot 'tar') all files into a single zipped (tar) file.

2) Using either a command-line 'ftp' command (ie., from a 'DOS' window), or a gui interface such as ws_ftp32, or a browser interface like fireftp for firefox , ftp yourself to the imaging group's FTP Site:

> ftp ftp.sjhc.london.on.ca

3) Login using:

Use ftp as the login.
Use <your email address> as the password.

4) If you are using the command-line, type "binary" to set binary mode. 
Then 'put' (or drag-and-drop w/ws-ftp) the file(s) you wish to share into the following directory:

> binary     
> cd incoming     
> put filename     

Please note that incoming is a WRITE ONLY directory and you will not be able to see or read the files that you written here. This is intentional - a security precaution to keep hackers from storing files there that they shouldn't. This bears repeating: NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR RECIPIENTS WILL SEE THE FILES IN THE INCOMING DIRECTORY, but they are there (assuming you've done it correctly).

5) Announce the Availability of your File(s)

After 'putting' your file into the "/incoming" directory, post a message to the target user(s) indicating that your file is now available for download and exactlywhat the filename is. Case sensitive! Your friends can now reverse this procedure to "get" the file. Don't bother trying to delete your file... you can't. Files will be automatically deleted after a couple of days.

[Note: For file retrieval only, one can also use ftp://ftp.sjhc.london.on.ca/incoming/filename URL in a web browser!]

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