Jonathan Thiessen

Journal Articles

  1. Farag, A., Thompson, R.T., Thiessen, J.D., Butler, J., Prato, F.S., & J. Théberge. Assessment of a novel 32-channel phased array for cardiovascular hybrid PET/MRI imaging: MRI performance. Eur J Hybrid Imaging 3(13): 1-16 (2019) - [Published | Free Access]
  2. Anazodo, U., Thiessen, J.D., Ssali, T., Mandel, J., Gunther, M., Butler, J., Pavlosky, W.F., Prato, F.S., Thompson, R.T., & K. St. Lawrence. Feasibility of simultaneous whole-brain imaging on an integrated PET-MRI system using an enhanced 2-point Dixon attenuation correction method. Front Neurosci 8: 1-11 (2015) - [Published]
  3. Prato, F.S., Butler, J., Sykes, J., Keenliside, L., Blackwood, K., Thompson, R.T., White, J.A., Mikami, Y., Thiessen, J.D., & G. Wisenberg. Can The Inflammatory Response Be Evaluated Using 18F-FDG Within Zones of Microvascular Obstruction Following Myocardial Infarction? . J Nucl Med 56: 299-304 (2015) - [Published | PMID: 25572090]
  4. Amaudruz, P.-A., Bishop, D., Gilhully, C., Goertzen, A.L., James, L., Kozlowski, P., Retière, F., Sossi, V., Stortz, G., Thiessen, J.D., & C.J. Thompson. Pixelated Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photo-Diode Characterization through Dark Current Measurement. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci 61(3): 1369-1375 (2014) - [Published]
  5. Hayes, K., Buist, R., Vincent, T.J., Thiessen, J.D., Zhang, Y., Zhang, H., Wang, J., Summers, A.R., Kong, J., Li, X.-M., & M. Martin. Comparison of manual and semi-automated segmentation methods to evaluate hippocampus volume in APP and PS1 transgenic mice obtained via in-vivo magnetic resonance imaging. J Neurosci Methods 221: 103-111 (2014) - [Published | PMID: 24091139]
  6. Zhang, X., Stortz, G., Sossi, V., Thompson, C.J., Retière, F., Kozlowski, P., Thiessen, J.D., & A.L. Goertzen. Development and Evaluation of a LOR-based Image Reconstruction with 3D System Response Modeling for a PET Insert with Dual-layer Offset Crystal Design. Phys Med Biol 58(23): 8379-8399 (2013) - [Published | PMID: 24217067]
  7. Thiessen, J.D., Zhang, Y., Zhang, H., Wang, L., Buist, R., Del Bigio, M.R., Kong, J., Li, X.-M., & M. Martin. Quantitative MRI and ultrastructural examination of the cuprizone mouse model of demyelination. NMR in Biomedicine 26(11): 1562-1582 (2013) - [Published | PMID: 23943390]
  8. Stortz, G., Thompson, C.J., Goertzen, A.L., Retière, F., Zhang, X., Thiessen, J.D., Kozlowski, P., & V. Sossi. Characterization of a New MR Compatible Small Animal PET Scanner Using Monte-Carlo Simulations. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci 60(3): 1637-1644 (2013) - [Published]
  9. Thiessen, J.D., Vincent, T.J., Herrera, S.L., & M. Martin. Diffusion Tensor Metric Measurements as a Function of Diffusion Time in the Rat Central Nervous System. Magnetic Resonance Insights 5: 37-47 (2012) - [Published]
  10. Odero, G.L., Oikawa, K., Glazner, K.A.C., Grossman, D., Thiessen, J.D., Motnenko, A., Ge, N., Martin, M., Glazner, G.W., Albensi, B.C., & J. Schapansky. Evidence for the involvement of calbindin D28k in the presenilin 1 model of Alzheimer’s disease. Neuroscience 169(1): 532-543 (2010) - [Published | PMID: 20399254]
  11. Vincent, T.J., Thiessen, J.D., Kurjewicz, L.M., Germscheid, S.L., Turner, A.J., Zhilkin, P., Alexander, M.E., & M. Martin. Longitudinal Brain Size Measurements in APP/PS1 Transgenic Mice. Magnetic Resonance Insights 4: 19-26 (2010) - [Published]
  12. Thiessen, J.D., Glazner, K.A.C., Nafez, S., Schellenberg, A.E., Buist, R., Martin, M., & B.C. Albensi. Histochemical visualization and diffusion MRI at 7 Tesla in the TgCRND8 transgenic model of Alzheimer’s disease. Brain Structure and Function 2010(1): 29-36 (2010) - [Published | PMID: 20512361]
  13. Thompson, C.J., Goertzen, A.L., Thiessen, J.D., Bishop, D., Stortz, G., Retière, F., Sossi, V., & X. Zhang. Development of a PET Scanner for Simultaneously Imaging Small Animals with MRI and PET. Sensors () - [Submitted]

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